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Sigma Group Educational Academy is now in for the coaching for the Assistant Professors in Government Engineering Colleges. With the rich background of GATE and IES coaching, it would be rather easy to teach the postgraduate students the whole syllabus provided by the Kerala Public Service Commission. The job, Assistant Professor in Government Colleges is for sure the dream job of every post graduate students. It is the most reputed and most dignified job ever. And also this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We provide intensive and “APT” (Assistant Professor Training) coaching for the same in Electrical and Electronics & Electronics and Communication/Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Department. The classes will cover all those needed for you to crack the exam in a systematic and organised manner.

                Cracking the exam requires the basic knowledge on a very vast syllabus. Apart from the subjects related to candidate’s discipline, basic knowledge on all engineering streams are also required v.i.z., Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical and Computer Science. A very strict and concise plan is required to reap success in the exam.
                Eventhough the present vacancies provided by the PSC is low, the PSC rank lists is said to be valid for a minimum  of three years. But still, the last time this exam was conducted is way back in 2005. So the candidates applying for this exam now will be very huge. So the competition is tight. Questions are rather simple, the syllabus is vast and the number of applicants is huge. All these three parameters will create a need for the candidate to scrutinize the syllabus completely.  Also another such exam may not happen for the next 10 years. So we called it a  “Once in a Life Time Opportunity”.
               As a matter of fact, it is not a very intense examination of the engineering subjects as compared with the GATE and IES exam. The time is less and questions are more. So the questions can never dive deep into the analytic aspects of engineering. So the exam can be compared with the Engineering Services Exam (IES). The syllabus is vast, but mostly hard questions from the subjects are not asked considering the time limitation. Another difference that makes the exam distinct is the qualification of the candidates. The candidates are post graduate students and therefore already have a fair knowledge about their stream of specialisation.
                 We provide three distinct batches , v.i.z, Full Time Batches, Evening Batches and Weekend Batches. The class duration varies accordingly. Full detailed syllabus for Assistant Professor for Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering can be downloaded from our public downloads. Current vacancies for the Assistant Professor examinations for all branches are also provided at the download section.