Dear JTO aspirants,
We all are eagerly waiting for around four thousand anticipated vacancies in BSNL. We are expecting the examination to be conducted in December 2016. Around six months, we can have the time to prepare. Before going for preparation we can think about some aspects of this exam. Last time, this exam happened to be in 2008. After seven years, these much vacancies are coming for Electronics students. Most probably 50,000 students will be ready to appear for the exam from our stay Kerala itself. For the sake of happiness, we can assume that around 10% of the total students are seriously preparing for this examination.

Out of these 4000 anticipated vacancies, around 40% vacancies will be occupied by students who have experience (studied very well) in engineering subjects (maybe because of his or her experience in GATE or IES examinations or those who studied in IIT or NITs). Now we can think about remaining 2400 vacancies (not considering other states). For the sake of simplicity we can assume that around 24 states are there in India and with that proportion we can have around hundred vacancies for Kerala. Let’s consider around 200 seats will be acquired by Kerala students itself. From this proportion, we can conclude that out of well prepared to 20 students from Kerala, one person will be cracking the examination.

Now we can think about what is meant by well preparation. With this short span of six months, if we are able to prepare all the engineering subjects with a good understanding and prepare all the syllabus including General aspects, that will make us become a Junior Telecom officer. If you are preparing for the JTO exam by mugging some Objective questions, Does not mean that you will be able to crack this JTO Examination. If you are preparing for this JTO Examination only you will not see the beauty of engineering subjects. Your mind will be narrow for finding the answer for some questions. It’s better if you are able to study or engineering aspects thoroughly and in a methodological manner, JTO examination is not a big deal for us. Hopefully we all will be preparing for the examination very well.

Thank you
Sigma Group